Bosch MUM 6630 UC Owner's Manual

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Owners Manual
Universal Series Kitchen Machines
for models:
MUM 6610 UC • MUM 6622 UC
MUM 6630 UC
thoroughly for important safety and operating
instructions before using this appliance.
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Owner’s Manual

1 Owner’s ManualUniversal Series Kitchen Machinesfor models:MUM 6610 UC • MUM 6622 UCMUM 6630 UCREAD THIS MANUALthoroughly for important safety and o

Page 2

10surface and switched to the Off position,“O/Off,” and that you have, if necessary,moved the motor drive cover to the drivethat will not be used.1.


11clockwise while pushing down until itstops.4. Place the splash ring on the bowl,making sure the tabs on the bowl fitinto the recesses in the splash

Page 4

12OPERATION WITH DOUGH HOOK AND WHISK ASSEMBLYBelow you will find a table listing examples of how the dough hook and the whiskassembly are to be used

Page 5 - MUM 6622 UC

132. If you have not already done so, movethe motor drive cover to the high-speeddrive. Place the mixing bowl on the driveof the power unit and turn t

Page 6

14Removing ContentsBefore beginning to remove the contentsfrom the mixing bowl, make sure that thepower unit has been turned to the Offposition, “O/Of

Page 7 - Figure 2

15Figure 9.2. To assemble or reassemble blade/baseassembly into the blender, insert theblade/base assembly into the blenderjar and press down on the

Page 8

Everything Kitchens 1-866-852-4268Figure 11.Placing Blender into OperationMake sure that the switch is in the offposition, “O/Off.” Unwind the electri

Page 9

17When the blender is being used on drymaterials, such as nuts or dry bread, thebest results will be obtained when theblender jar is filled with appro

Page 10 - CAUTION

18After removing the small gear wheelthe large gear wheel can be easilyremoved by hand.2.The driveshaft can be readily removedfrom the slicer/shredder

Page 11 - Figure 5

19Figure 17.2. To assemble the slicer/shredder:a. Place slicer/shredder bowl on thepower unit by placing over the high-torque drive and, while pressin

Page 12

2 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDSWARNING: A risk of fire and electrical shock exists in all electrical appliances and maycause personal injury or death.When usin

Page 13

202. Foods that are to be used together maybe sliced together. This can be used toyour advantage. For example, greenonions and celery are often usedto

Page 14 - WARNING

212. To assemble the slicer/shredder withthe “Universal” beater:a. Place slicer/shredder bowl on thepower unit by placing over high-torque drive. Whil

Page 15 - Figure 10

22Stainless Steel Bowl with Dough Hook(MUZ 6 ER1) WARNING1. There is a risk of injury from rotatingtools when using the mixing bowl withthe dough ho

Page 16 - Figure 12

23 CAUTIONFailure to make sure that the bowl isproperly seated on the drive coupling beforethe power unit is turned On can result indamage to the bow

Page 17

25TROUBLESHOOTINGProblem Possible Cause RemedyPower 1.A circuit breaker may have Reset circuit breaker orunit does tripped or a fuse has blown replace

Page 18

26Sample RecipesSalsaChop the following ingredients in Boschblender or food processor, on speed 3 or 4:1–4 Dried Arabol Chilies(start with one, add mo

Page 19 - Figure 18

27Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies2 cups packed brown sugar1 cup shortening2 eggs1 teaspoon vanilla1–3/4 cups flour1 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon sa

Page 20 - Figure 19


Page 21

29Important NotesImportant NotesImportant NotesImportant NotesImportant Notes

Page 22

30Important NotesImportant NotesImportant NotesImportant NotesImportant Notes

Page 23



31BOSCH Small Appliance WarrantyBSH Home Appliances (“BOSCH”) warrants all new small appliances to be free from originaldefects in design, materials a

Page 25 - French Bread

32Looking for more information about BOSCH products?Call

Page 26 - Acknowledgments:

4ABOUT YOUR KITCHEN MACHINECongratulations on having selected one ofthe Bosch Universal Series KitchenMachines. A series of kitchen machines thatwe an


5MUM 6610 UCMUM 6630 UCMUM 6622 UCFigure 1

Page 28 - Important Notes

6Special AccessoriesTo allow you to get the most service fromyour Bosch Universal Series KitchenMachine, Bosch engineers have designeda line of specia

Page 29

7Integrated hand gripsSide recesses molded into each end of thepower unit housing provide for easy liftingand carrying of power unit when not in use,

Page 30

81. Place power unit on suitable worksurface.Before using the machine with any ofthe attachments, the power unit shouldbe placed on a suitable work su

Page 31 - Call 1-866-852-4268

99. Work completed,remove attachment.If the attachment is of the continuousfeed type or is the batch type and youhave completed the work you wishedto

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