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Data brochure
Using this catalogue
The section numbers listed on this page cover the main
systems and individual categories within these groups for
convenient reference.
It is possible to locate any section quickly by thumbing
to the corresponding tab number on the outer margin
of each page. The index section at the back of this
catalogue includes an alphanumeric listing according
to part number.
Introduction 3
System description and planning 7
System Specifications 15
Transmitter and Modules 17
Radiators and Accessories 21
Receivers, Battery Packs and Charging Units 23
Headphones 25
6-Channel Interpreter Desk and Accessories 27
DCN 29
Index 31
Integrus Data brochure |1
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Data brochure

Integrus Data brochureUsing this catalogueThe section numbers listed on this page cover the mainsystems and individual categories within these groups

Page 2 - 2

2.3.3 Ambient lightingThe Integrus system is practically immune for the effect ofambient lighting.Fluorescent lamps (with or without elec-tronic balla

Page 3 - 1. Introduction

Figure 2.13 Combination of direct and reflected radiationFigure 2.14 Combination of several reflected signalsFor concentrically arranged conference ro

Page 4

2.3.6 Overlapping footprints and multipath effectsWhen the footprints of two radiators partly overlap, thetotal coverage area can be larger than the s

Page 5

Guaranteed rectangular footprints can also be calculatedwith the footprint calculation tool (available on the docu-mentation CD-ROM).The given values

Page 6

14 | System description and planning | Integrus Data brochure(The mounting height is the distance from the reception plane and not from the floor.)2.5

Page 7 - 2. System description

3. System Specification3.1 Features and Benefits:•Conforms to IEC 60914, the international standard forconference systems•Conforms to IEC 61603 part 7

Page 8

3.5 System Environmental ConditionsWorking conditions: Fixed/stationary/transportableTemperature range– transport: -40 to + 70 °C (-40 to 158 °F)– ope

Page 9 - LBB 4512/00

4. Transmitter and Modules4.1 LBB 4502 TransmitterThe transmitter is the central element in the Integrus sys-tem. It accepts analogue or digital input

Page 10

• 3.5 mm stereo headphone socket for monitoring inputsand channels• One BNC connector for accepting an HF signal fromanother transmitter •Four BNC con

Page 11

4.3.1 Features and Benefits •Direct connection of up to 12 LBB 3222/04 InterpreterDesks for six languages•Routing of floor signal (for instance from a

Page 12 - ’ X is negative because

2|Integrus Data brochure

Page 13

20 | Integrus Data brochure

Page 14 - area length width offset

5. Radiators and Accessories5.1 LBB 4511/00 and LBB 4512/00 RadiatorsThese radiators are used to distribute infra-red signalsthroughout the conference

Page 15 - 3. System Specification

5.1.4 Physical CharacteristicsMounting: Suspension bracket for direct ceiling mounting: Mounting plates for floor stands with M10 and 1/2"Whitwor

Page 16

6. Receivers, BatteryPacks and Charging Units6.1 LBB 4540 Pocket ReceiversThese ergonomically designed receivers incorporate thelatest electronics tec

Page 17 - 4. Transmitter

6.2 LBB 4550/00 NiMH Battery PackNiMH battery pack for use withLBB 4540 Pocket ReceiverFeatures:•Temperature sensor for optimal charging processPhysic

Page 18

7. HeadphonesA range of headphones is available for use with LBB 4540Pocket Receivers.This range includes Lightweight StereoHeadphones (LBB 3443/00)

Page 19

7.4 LBB 3015/04 High Quality Dynamic HeadphonesPhysical and Electrical Characteristics:Connection: 1.2 m (4 ft) cable with 3.5 mm (0.14 in) jack plug

Page 20 - 20

8. 6-Channel InterpreterDesk and Accessories8.1. LBB 3222/04 6-Channel Interpreter Desk with LoudspeakerThe LBB 3222/04 is a single-user, microprocess

Page 21 - 5. Radiators

8.1.5 Electrical CharacteristicsFrequency response: 125 Hz (-10 dB) to 12.5 kHz (-2 dB)Rated equivalent sound pressure due to inherent noise : < 32

Page 22

9. DCNDigital Congress Network equipmentThe Integrus language distribution system can be usedwith the Digital Congress Network (DCN). The range ofDCN

Page 23 - Packs and Charging Units

In simple terms, an infra-red distribution system consistsof a transmitter,one or more radiators and a number ofreceivers.Various accessories are also

Page 24

30 | DCN | Integrus Data brochure

Page 25 - 7. Headphones

Product index(Page numbers refer to descriptions.)TransmittersLBB 4502/04 4-Channel Transmitter 4.1 LBB 4502/08 8-Channel Transmitter 4.1 LBB 4502/1

Page 26

32 | Index | Integrus Data brochure

Page 27 - Desk and Accessories

The Integrus infra-red (IR) distribution system describedin this data brochure can be used with the DigitalCongress Network (DCN) as well as with an a

Page 28

•Premium-quality stereo (for excellent reproduction ofmusic or presentations).One channel of this quality canbe incorporated in a single carrier signa

Page 29 - Interpreter desks

functionality as the master transmitter and providing local outputs for radiators. This removes the need to connect the radiators required for the add

Page 30

2. System descriptionand planning2.1 System overviewIntegrus is a system for wireless distribution of audio sig-nals via infra-red radiation. It can b

Page 31

2.2.2 Signal ProcessingThe Integrus system uses high frequency carrier signals(typically 2-8 MHz) to prevent interference problems withmodern light so

Page 32

For rotations of less than +/- 45 degrees this effect is notlarge, but for larger rotations the sensitivity will decreaserapidly.Figure 2.4 Directiona

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