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Video | LTC 0485 Series DinionXF Color Cameras
LTC 0485 Series DinionXF Color Cameras
u 15-bit DSP technology
u XF-dynamic
u Bilinx communication
u NightSense
u Default shutter
The LTC 0485 Series of High Performance 1/3-inch
Digital CCD Color Cameras create the best possible
image, even under the most difficult light and scene
conditions. Based on unique 15-bit digital video
processing technology and employing XF-Dynamic,
these cameras provide excellent sensitivity with
extended dynamic range. By employing the best 1/3–
inch CCD available, advanced front end processing,
combined with the outstanding Dinion DSP, the
cameras achieve an astonishing sensitivity, providing
better color images in low light situations and sharper
daytime images. Intelligent White balance algorithms,
supported by a White Balance Hold function and even
full manual white balance, ensure the most accurate
color reproduction possible. All Dinion cameras are
supplied ready to operate. Simply attach and focus the
lens, and connect power to provide optimal pictures
under virtually all scene conditions. No tools are
required for back focus and power connection. For
extra challenging situations where fine tuning or
special settings are required, the camera parameters
can be individually set using the control buttons on the
side of the camera and On-screen Display (OSD). Also,
to aid installation, the camera automatically detects
the lens type, and using the Lens Wizard ensures
accurate (back) focusing for perfectly sharp pictures
at all times.
Extended dynamic range is brought to a new level on
the LTC 0485 Series Camera by XF-Dynamic
technology. XF-Dynamic automatically processes the
highly accurate 15-bit digital signal to optimally
capture the detail in both the highlight and lowlight
areas of the scene simultaneously, to maximize the
information visible in the picture.
Bilinx Technology
The LTC 0485 series cameras incorporate Bilinx. Bilinx
is a bidirectional communication capability embedded
in the video signal of all Bosch Dinion cameras. With
Bilinx technicians can check status, change camera
settings and even update firmware from virtually
anywhere along the video cable. Bilinx reduces service
and installation time, provides for more accurate set-
up and adjustment, and improves overall performance.
In addition, Bilinx uses the standard video cable to
transmit alarm and status messages, providing
superior performance without additional installation
Video Motion Detection
The built-in video motion detector allows you to select
up to four fully programmable areas with individual
thresholds. The global scene change detector
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Video | LTC 0485 Series DinionXF Color CamerasLTC 0485 Series DinionXF Color Cameras u 15-bit DSP technologyu XF-dy

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minimizes false alarms caused by sudden lightingcondition changes, such as switching on or off theindoor or security lighting. When motion is detected

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Active Pixels PAL 752 H x 582 VNTSC 768 H x 492 VSensitivity(3200 k) Sensitivity (FullVideo)1)2.4 lux (0.24 fc)Sensitivity50 IRE1)0.59 lux / 0.24 lux

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LTC 3384/21 Zoom Lens1/3-inch, 6 – 60 mm, DC-iris, CS-mount F1.4-360, 4-pinOrder number LTC3384/21TC120PS Power Supply UnitOrder number TC120PSTC220PS

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