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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Bosch 32 Series Water Heaters

Technical & Specification InformationBosch 32 Series Water HeatersBosch Commercial Series Condensing & Non-Condensing Continuous Flow Water Hea

Page 2

Guidance on installing the Bosch 32C condensing water heaterSiting the applianceThe Bosch 32C can be installed in both indoor and outdoor application

Page 3 - Contents

3/4” PVC pipeCasing DimensionsConnection MeasurementsOutdoor clearances to doors & windowsOutdoor installations should have the minimum clearances

Page 4 - The Bosch 32C Commercial

Outdoor Vent TerminationWhen installing the Bosch 32C outdoors, a Vent Cap is required (code: BCVC-100C).Vertical Vent TerminationThe following consid

Page 5

Horizontal and vertical flue terminal positioningFlue terminal positions for water heaters in accordance with AS/NZS5601.3 The water heater must be

Page 6 - The features of the 32C

Bosch 32C water heater Flueing configurationsThe Bosch 32C water heater uses the 100mm polypropylene flue system supplied by Bosch.The maximum flue leng

Page 7 - Key benefits to the end user

Standard horizontal flue assembly with 90° bendComponentsPart Numbers MG27356 MG85181MG85176MG85177MG87930Maximum length (mm) & no. of components

Page 8 - Technical Data - 32C

Standard vertical flue - Minimum lengthComponentsPart Numbers MG27356 MG85176 MG84862Maximum length (mm) & no. of components required500 1 1 1Vert

Page 9 - Inside Story – Bosch 32C

Bosch 32 & 32QPart No NGKM3211WHNG KM3211WHQNG*Part No LPGKM3211WHLPKM3211WHQLP*Output (kW) Max 55 kWInput (Mj/h) Max250Input (Mj/h) Min20 (NG) 18

Page 10 - 32C condensing water heater

Designed for commercial reliabilityThe Bosch 32 has been designed for the Australian and New Zealand commercial environment. With a 25% thicker commer

Page 11 - 3/4” PVC pipe

Ease of installation and maintenance3 Error codes functionality with optional controller3 Wall mounted and floor standing options3 Easy access to compo

Page 12

Bosch and you, making a differenceAs part of the Bosch Group, Bosch Thermotechnology products are designed and manufactured to provide customers with

Page 13 - Horizontal and vertical flue

The Bosch 32Q has been designed for flow and return applications. With the same 25% thicker commercial grade heat exchanger as the Bosch 32, the Bosch

Page 14 - Flueing configurations

Bosch 32 Bosch 32QHeight615mmWidth464mmDepth240mmWeight29 kg 32 kgHot/Cold Water Conn3/4” MaleHot Water Return- 1/2” MaleGas Connection3/4" MaleM

Page 15

Inside Story – Bosch 32Flue collarHeat exchangerHigh limit switchFreeze protection heater QThermal fuseWater flow servoHot water outlet thermisterManif

Page 16

Inside Story – Bosch 32QFlue collarHeat exchangerHigh limit switchMain water control valveFreeze protection thermostatWater flow servoFreeze protection

Page 17

Guidance on installing the Bosch 32 and 32Q water heatersChoosing the location The Bosch 32 and 32Q can be installed in both indoor and outdoor appli

Page 18 - The features of

Connection DimensionsA B C D Casing DimensionsConnection Measurements – Bosch 32Connection Measurements – Bosch 32QOutdoor clearances to doors & w

Page 19

Vertical vent terminationThe following considerations must be made when venting vertically3 Terminate at least 1.8m from the combustion air intake of

Page 20 - The features

Horizontal and vertical flue terminal positioningFlue terminal positions for water heaters in accordance with AS/NZS5601.3 The water heater must be

Page 21 - Technical Data - 32 & 32Q

Bosch 32 & Bosch 32Q Flueing configurationsThe Bosch 32 and 32Q water heaters are flued by the flue kits available. The vertical and horizontal flue k

Page 22 - Inside Story – Bosch 32

System LayoutsFlow and return applicationsThe Bosch 32 has a durable heat exchanger that allows it to withstand the frequent low-fire rates of a flow an

Page 23 - Inside Story – Bosch 32Q

The Bosch Thermotechnology Division is a leading global supplier of innovative and energy efficient Hot water, Heating and VAC solutions for commercial

Page 24 - Guidance on installing the

Isolation valveNon-return valvePressure limiting valveFilter (in-line)LegendCommercial Hot Water32Commercial Hot Water32Commercial Hot Water32Pressure

Page 25 - Connection Dimensions

System LayoutsCommercial Hot Water32Commercial Hot Water32Isolation valveNon-return valvePressure limiting valveFilter (in-line)LegendPressure relief

Page 26 - Bosch 32 water heater

Bosch Commercial 32 Series AccessoriesControllersMain Remote ControllerPart No: RCM32113 Time display3 Temperature settings3 “Burner On” display when

Page 27

ControllersCommercial Kit AccessoriesVent Cap for Bosch 32 & 32QPart No: KMVC-1003 Used for outdoor installations of the Bosch 32 or 32Q onlyFloor

Page 28 - Bosch 32 & Bosch 32Q

Bosch Commercial 32 Series AccessoriesSecondary PumpsDual Star-Z 20/7 Deluxe Pump SystemPart No: 87362000023 Max head: 7m3 Connections: ¾” (20mm)3 Mai

Page 29 - System Layouts

Pump Kit3 Comes standard in tank packs including two or three cascaded appliances, and a 315L stainless steel tank (refer page 52).3 Includes Lowara 2

Page 30

Tanks590Hot WaterOutletPTR Valve19651725455250350Warm WaterReturn34O76O39OCold WaterInlet590Hot WaterOutletPTR Valve19651725455250350Warm WaterReturnC

Page 31

34O76O39O590Hot WaterOutletPTR Valve19651725455250350Warm WaterReturnCold WaterInlet34O76O39O590Hot WaterOutletPTR Valve19651725455250350Warm WaterRet

Page 32

CascadeFlowCascade systemsSystem ApplicationBosch cascaded continuous flow systems are designed for applications where high flow rates are required cons

Page 33

CascadeFlow Systems Wall MountedBosch CascadeFlow – CF232W & CF232WCPart Numbers: CF232WNG, CF232WLP, CF232WCNG, CF232WC5NG, CF232WCLP, CF232WC5LP

Page 34

The Bosch 32C Commercial continuous flow water heaterGlobal responsibility for nature and the environmentBosch Thermotechnology is committed to environ

Page 35

Bosch CascadeFlow – CF332W & CF332WCPart Numbers: CF332WNG, CF332WLP, CF332WCNG, CF332WC5NG CF332WCLP, CF332WC5LPSpecification ValueApplicationIndo

Page 36

Bosch CascadeFlow – CF432W & CF432WCPart Numbers: CF432WNG, CF432WLP, CF432WCNG, CF432WC5NG, CF432WCLP, CF432WC5LPSpecification ValueApplicationInd

Page 37

Bosch CascadeFlow – CF532W & CF532WCPart Numbers: CF532WNG, CF532WLP, CF532WCNG, CF532WC5NG, CF532WCLP, CF532WC5LPSpecification ValueApplicationInd

Page 38 - Cascade

Bosch CascadeFlow – CF632W & CF632WCPart Numbers: CF632WNG, CF632WLP, CF632WCNG, CF632WC5NG, CF632WCLP, CF632WC5LPSpecification ValueApplicationInd

Page 39 - Wall Mounted

Specification ValueApplicationIndoor/OutdoorThermal Output115kW(32C) 111kW(32)Min Gas Supply Pressure (kPa)1.13(NG) 2.75(LPG)Gas Input Mj/Hr434(32C) 50

Page 40

Bosch CascadeFlow – CF332F & CF332FCPart Numbers: CF332FNG, CF332FLP, CF332FCNG, CF332FC5NG, CF332FCLP, CF332FC5LPSpecification ValueApplicationInd

Page 41

CascadeFlow Systems Floor StandingBosch CascadeFlow – CF432F & CF432FCPart Numbers: CF432FNG, CF432FLP, CF432FCNG, CF432FC5NG, CF432FCLP, CF432CF5

Page 42

Bosch CascadeFlow – CF532F & CF532FCPart Numbers: CF532FNG, CF532FLP, CF532FCNG, CF532FC5NG, CF532FCLP, CF532FC5LPSpecification ValueApplicationInd

Page 43

CascadeFlow Systems Floor StandingBosch CascadeFlow – CF632F & CF632FCPart Numbers: CF632FNG, CF632FLP, CF632FCNG, CF632FC5NG, CF632FCLP, CF632FC5

Page 44 - Floor Standing

Sizing Guide CascadeFlow SystemsPart NumberNo of water heatersGas rate (Mj/H)L/min(20°C rise)L/min(25°C rise)L/min(50°C rise)CF232WNG CF232WLP CF232

Page 45

The Bosch water heater at a glanceBosch 32CPart No NGBC3200RANGPart No LPGBC3200RALPOutput (kW) Max57.5 kWInput (mj) Max217Input (mj) Min11Flow rate a

Page 46

System ApplicationsIdeal for a small commercial applications where consistent hot water volumes are required at certain times of day, or where peaks i

Page 47

Bosch CascadeTherm – C315T32WHPart Numbers: C315T32WHNG, C315T32WHLPSpecification ValueApplicationIndoor/OutdoorThermal Output55kW(32)Min Gas Supply Pr

Page 48

CascadeTherm Cascade & Tank SystemsSystem ApplicationsUsed in medium to large commercial applications where hot water requirements peak at certai

Page 49 - Sizing Guide

Bosch CascadeTherm – CT232-1315SS & CT232C-1315SS. Part Numbers: CT232-1315SSNG, CT232-1315SSLP, CT232C-1315SSNG, CT232C-1315SSLPSpecification Val

Page 50 - Single appliance pack

Bosch CascadeTherm – CT332-1315SS & CT332C-1315SSPart Numbers: CT332-1315SSNG, CT332-1315SSLP, CT332C-1315SSNG, CT332C-1315SSLPSpecification ValueA

Page 51

Part Number C315T32WH CT232-1315SS CT232C-1315SS CT332-1315SS CT332C-1315SSNo of water heaters1 x 250 (Mj/H) 2 x 250 (Mj/H) 2 x 217 (Mj/H) 3 x 250 (Mj

Page 52 - Cascade & Tank Systems

Bosch 32 Series and AccessoriesBosch 32CPart No: BC3200RANGPart No: BC3200RALPPart No: BC3200RA5NGPart No: BC3200RA5LPBosch 32Part No: KM3211WHNGPart

Page 53

Dual Star-Z 20/7 EM BasicPart No: 8736200004Storage Tank Stainless Steel 315LPart No: 315C220TStorage Tank Stainless Steel 315LPart No: 315C232LRStora

Page 54

32C PP Flue Elbow 45°Part No: MG8518232C Flue Wall BracketPart No: MG8463132C PP Horizontal Wall TerminalPart No: MG8793032C PP Vertical Roof Terminal

Page 55 - CascadeTherm Tank Systems

Tech & Spec WarrantiesWarrany StatementA full copy of the Bosch Warranty Statement is available on our websites:Australia

Page 56

Energy saving condensing designThe use of a condensing appliance contributes to achieving higher efficiency by incorporating a secondary heat exchanger

Page 57

Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty. Ltd.Australia1555 Centre RoadClayton Victoria 3168P (03) 9541 5555F (03) 9541 5595Sales Hotline: 1300 30 70 37Sales Fax:

Page 58

Key benefits to the useHigh volumes of hot water3 Multiple showers, sinks and baths used concurrently.Energy savings3 Condensing technology for greater

Page 59 - Tech & Spec Warranties

Bosch 32CHeight615mmWidth464mmDepth240mmWeight33 kgHot/Cold Water Conn3/4”Condensate Conn1/2” Gas Connection3/4”Maximum Output57.5kWMinimum Input11 Mj

Page 60

Inside Story – Bosch 32CFlue collarSecondary heat exchangerPrimary heat exchangerCircuit boardManifoldMain water flow valveGas solenoidsFan motorConden

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